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Top 20 Semiconductor Tech Companies - 2021

In the past couple of years, the semiconductor industry has witnessed outstanding progress in scientific innovation, improvised designing, wealth management, and enabling of products, making way for new advancements. As a significant contributor to huge worldwide technical advancements, semiconductor companies have developed strong, inventive chips and components to power the next generation of digital gadgets. Manufacturers with foresight are already leading by developing specialized semiconductors for artificial intelligence (AI) applications and novel chip designs to support the burgeoning smartphone sector. This enables semiconductor companies to optimize their operations by speeding up production processes, lowering manufacturing costs, and ultimately increasing productivity.

From AI-powered smartphones to automobiles, human life heavily relies on chip technology, specifically semiconductors. For the same reason, the worldwide semiconductor market is booming, even amid the pandemic. As the backbone of contemporary electronics, semiconductor solutions such as MOSFETs and transistors are being modernized. With the advancement of 5G, the usage of ambitious integrated chipsets that enable quicker data transmission and processing is making inroads. Additionally, as IoT-enabled silicon photonics gain popularity among progressive consumers, demand for semiconductor chips has multiplied. Keeping this in mind, numerous manufacturers are collaborating with major players to build the industry’s most substantial range of high-performance and adaptive computing devices.

To help leaders navigate the world of semiconductor solutions, Semiconductor Review has compiled a list of the most promising semiconductor tech Companies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Semiconductor Review’s ‘Top 20 Semiconductor Tech Companies - 2021.’

    Top Semiconductor Tech Companies

  • Black Forest Engineering (BFE) is a leading custom IC design provider who offers a full array of services to businesses of all sizes—from the initial IC specification to functional test system. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Luminar and a leading innovator of pixel-based sensors and displays that hold in-depth expertise in an integrated circuit-based readout of IR, visible, and X-Ray detectors and camera integration. What gives BFE an edge over the competition is its dedication to solving clients’ complex challenges by leveraging its collaborative customer onboarding approach.


  • Celera Incorporated envisions a new paradigm in chip development to support the unprecedented demand for new semiconductor solutions, i.e., a third-generation - Silicon 3.0. Celera’s solution applies intelligent expert system AI software to each part of the development flow. The software acts as an extremely fast, tireless, and error-free robotic engineer to make design decisions under the algorithmic guidance of the platform developers’ chip design experience built into the software. This methodology is implemented in the entire flow from modeling to verification and delivers a fab-ready chip design from a customer specification input. Delivered as a SaaS platform, it is an end-to-end service approach to the IC development flow from spec to silicon, including modeling, synthesis, physical layout, and verification.


  • Diakopto was founded on the premise that parasitics are now a first-order problem, and require a different class of design solutions. The company’s ParagonX solution embodies a new methodology to help engineers develop next-generation chips more effectively and efficiently. The game-changing Diakopto methodology has taken the industry by storm, already having been adopted by over 35 industry-leading customers, including some of the largest semiconductor companies, system OEMs and hyperscale data center corporations


  • DXCorr is a provider of silicon-proven, leading edge Physical IP solutions in advanced process nodes such as 12nm, 7nm and 6nm for a wide range of SoC designs used across a broad spectrum of performance-oriented low power applications. DXCorr’s IPs meet highly stringent automotive electromigration (EM) rules as provided by foundry as well as much lower IR Drop targets than traditional IP design by enabling associated solutions. Their judicious use of different modes of testing serves as a safety measure in their offerings for Automotive products.


  • ElevATE is a leading supplier of innovative, low-power, high-density ICs for the design of next-generation Automated Test Equipment (ATE). With a proven track record of consistently delivering the highest density, lowest power solutions available, systems designed around ElevATE products have a competitive advantage in the ATE market space and are able to adapt successfully to emerging trends and challenges while providing ever-increasing end user value. ElevATE offers a wide variety of IC solutions for the ATE market with variable levels of integration so that we can serve the unique requirements of multiple end user segments such as System on a Chip (SOC) Test, Memory Test, Test During Burn-in (TDBI), In-Circuit Test (ICT) and beyond.


  • Nanomotion primarily develops motors and motion systems based on the Ultrasonic Standing Wave principle of Piezoelectric materials for companies like Applied Materials, KLA, Lam Research, ASML, etc, etc.


  • Stratus Automation combines the conveyor and OHT technologies to present a hybrid solution to its clients that can aid them to fabricate semiconductors in an automated manner with highly efficient and fast material transport and storing capabilities


  • Offering expert consulting services, Vtech advises clients on how to obtain functional safety certification or build the foundations to comply with functional safety standards in the LSI development process.


  • Anokiwave


    Anokiwave's silicon core chip solutions lower system costs and speed up technological adoption. Its patented chip designs, feature-rich solutions, and complementary III/V components provide system performance that is unrivalled. The company creates disruptive value by using unique system architectures and the best semiconductor technology to solve the most difficult technical problems.

  • Applied Materials

    Applied Materials

    Applied Materials is the global market leader in materials engineering solutions that are utilised to manufacture practically every new chip and advanced display on the market. Customers benefit from their knowledge in changing materials at the atomic level and on an industrial scale. Applied Materials' innovations enable the technology that will shape the future.

  • Deca Technologies

    Deca Technologies

    Deca Technologies, founded in 2009, is a wholly owned and independently operated subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor. Their aim, as a Tempe, Arizona-based company with worldwide capabilities, is to deliver an excellent client experience through the use of our proprietary transformational interconnect technology. Deca's vision for how technology and processes can be enhanced addresses a number of the fundamental difficulties connected with advanced packaging technology, all with the singular purpose of creating game-changing goods and services.

  • GT Advanced Technologies

    GT Advanced Technologies

    GT Advanced Technologies is a market leader in silicon carbide and sapphire crystal materials. The Company is now offering the materials that will help shape rapidly expanding markets, leveraging its decades of knowledge in crystal-growth technology. Demand for silicon carbide, in particular, considerably outstrips availability in the electric vehicle market. This semiconductor substrate material has far greater voltage and temperature handling capabilities than silicon. However, it is a very difficult material to fabricate. GTAT has reached scale for high-volume production of its CrystXTM silicon carbide and is pursuing a cost-cutting strategy going ahead.

  • International Test Solutions

    International Test Solutions

    International Test Solutions is a manufacturer of advanced cleaning materials for the semiconductor industry. International Test Solutions products are used in parametric test and wafer sort operations (PCC), test socket applications during package testing (TCC), and chuck cleaning at front- and backend tools (CCW). International Test Solutions supplies crucial materials and complete solutions that help device manufacturers and foundries to increase uptime and throughput while reducing test costs significantly.

  • ISE Labs

    ISE Labs

    ISE Labs was founded in 1983 and has a plethora of experience and skill in serving the semiconductor industry. ISE Labs, Inc. is completely owned by Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc., the world's biggest independent provider of semiconductor packaging and testing services. ISE Labs is Silicon Valley's leading provider of semiconductor test engineering services, with a focus on offering the most comprehensive set of test engineering services accessible anywhere in the world. The turnkey solutions offered by ISE Labs include package design/selection, assembly, front-end engineering test, wafer probing, final test, device qualification, reliability tests, failure analysis, and project/logistic management. ISE Labs is headquartered in Fremont, California, and Austin, Texas.

  • KIOXIA America, Inc.

    KIOXIA America, Inc.

    KIOXIA is a firm specialising in the creation and management of group strategies. Toshiba Memory Corporation is a developer and manufacturer of non-volatile memory products, including wireless secure digital (SD) cards, micro SD cards, and USB sticks. The company began operations in 2017 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Micron Technology

    Micron Technology

    Micron is a manufacturer of DRAM components and modules, as well as NAND Flash memory. Micron's teams of dreamers, visionaries, and scientists have redefined innovation for more than three decades, developing and manufacturing some of the world's most advanced memory and semiconductor technologies. They create the technologies that alter the boundaries of what is conceivable. Indeed, people are probably using their memory on a daily basis—in anything from computing, networking, and server applications to mobile, embedded, consumer, automotive, and industrial designs. As one of the world's most prolific patent holders, they are always rethinking, recasting, and advancing new ideas in order to bring innovation to bigger markets and discover new applications for their technology or fundamental improvements to existing designs. Their roots are in memory, which is their primary source of revenue. They will continue to build on their prior successes by harnessing synergies between their core memory business and varied products and technologies that support innovation and growth in new industries.

  • MultiLane


    MultiLane SAL enables companies to develop products with increased flexibility and capabilities by providing the correct combination of skills, processes, and tools. MultiLane has the resources necessary to suit your product development and design needs. Their professional product development team, along with their well-proven process and tools, will ensure that a high-quality product is developed on time and under budget. Instruments and interconnect test modules for 10, 40, and 100 Gbps rates from a market leader. BERTs, scopes, and a variety of MSA-compliant development tools for CFP, CFP2, QSFP, zQSFP, and 5x7LH modules are available. Multilane's products are used to evaluate semiconductors, active optical components, electro-optical modules, and blades.

  • NAURA Akrion Inc

    NAURA Akrion Inc

    NAURA Akrion is a market leader in sophisticated wafer surface preparation technologies for microelectronic device production. NAURA Akrion is committed to an organization-wide continuous improvement programme with a major focus on customer satisfaction. The initiative is carried out by cross-functional teams that have been formed to optimise critical process steps and customer-driven product innovations. Quantitative metrics are used to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of improvements. NAURA Akrion's disciplined process management also enables it to offer much shorter installation times and world-class product reliability.

  • NUVIA Inc

    NUVIA Inc

    Nuvia develops processors with the goal of enabling the design of high-performance silicon for a compute-intensive environment. It develops processing chipsets for data centre servers, enabling existing data centre processors to run faster, more efficiently, and securely.

  • NXP Semiconductors

    NXP Semiconductors

    The electronics sector is being shaped by four megatrends: energy efficiency, connected devices, security, and health. NXP Semiconductors N.V. connects these developments and enables Secure Connections for a Smarter World by developing solutions that enable Secure Connections for a Smarter World. NXP is advancing innovation in the connected car, security, portable & wearable, and Internet of Things markets by capitalising on its expertise in High Performance Mixed Signal electronics. NXP operates in over 25 countries and generated $5.65 billion in revenue in 2014.